Wednesday, August 1, 2007


My mind is scattered, mixed thoughts, I have the feeling of standing at the bottom of the mountain and just again starting the climb. On the way I see many accomplishments and the struggles that weigh a person down.... I am not normally as excited before an event as I am today.
I am not sure why I am as restless. I have been trying to separate personal issues from the day at hand, to not be overwhelmed .
Looking at the last few weeks of accomplishments I see the bringing together of new products and the reintroduction of my skincare line in a new label, the attempt at updating the web store, and also the introduction of poetry in various mediums. What started as fragments of my being and my desire for many things such as love and financial independence , have been muddied by the darkness of another's thoughts and actions.
It is so hot this morning and yet I feel a chill. Many things cross my mind, previous conversations and some how a reanalysis of what is. Trying to battle down my own inner fears and rise above.

The smallest light shines brightest
on the darkness night


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