Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just another day

Like a chameleon changing colors to camouflage in with its surroundings, I could feel the negative energy alter the peace of my inner space. I knew as I walked into the shopping mall with its many stores closed that the event would be less then prosperous. The anchor store for the shopping mall was a Walmart. The Walmart built a new shopping plaza and with it went many of the chain stores, leaving behind those that were teetering to survive and others who found themselves still caught up in a long term lease.
A view of capitalism at its best, as we stopped in at the new shopping plaza, there was a buzz from the long lines and the acceptance from the college scene. No matter how one looks at it, the success of a super store lay in the hands of American middle class. No adventure is successful without the willing buyers, for they can build up or take down a business.
There are many behind the scene reasons a new location is built over remodeling an existing location. It is at times less expensive to build new then to remodel, and with the creating of new highways, another location might now become more attractive.
The news over the week was filled with destruction many that were at the hands of nature. Volcano's, floods, mine explosions and to many to mention. Desperation called for the prayers of the loss souls. Yet daily the number of unimaginable deaths to do man on man incidences go with out notice. Heavy are the woes of the world, for on the grand stage of life they go with out much fanfare or recognition.
I realized how negative energy can be so controlling, as each vendor packed early to cut their financial loss, they carried out with them luggage filled with stress, negativity and anger. One gentlemen asked for me to hold on and stay awhile.Smiling I agreed, it became time where a few of us shared in past experiences, made friends and expressed personal opinions on everything from politics to personal issues.
I remember my very first event, first question that everyone asked what if you don't make enough money? I said then as I said today it's not about the money made today, but a broader knowledge that comes with the experiences of life. I absorbed much of my surroundings today. The veteran professionals who have tweaked their business, to the first time vendors who were hoping for a successful event. There is always another lesson in life if your heart and mind remain open. As the events before this day, faces will meld together to form a collage that will mark the event in my mind. Unfortunately this event was a mix of the optimist and the pessimist view of life. I felt the on stage emotions that fought for center attention.
Releasing the weeks negativity, I am blowing in the wind. I found myself
fighting my own invisible battles, over walls built of the unknown. Tightening the guide ropes of the ship, I hope to lead myself in
a positive direction. The beauty is in waking up each morning, feeling the wind against my face, remembering the joy of laughter and the magic of smiles created from a distance.

I shall not walk in your shadow of dismay, in fear that you shall not follow in my steps of courage. Obstacles only remain when the doors to the mind are locked.

To believe is not a path for fools ,as it leads to a bridge that is anchored by faith.


Penny said...

I'm with you! Lead a way!!

Rachel C Miller said...

I know your wonderful, thank you for your support for believing, for not jumping ship, when the captain is lost in a storm... but the good thing about a storm is their is always an after calm..... for where we gain strength, redirect and steam ahead..