Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want.......

I have a list of not necessarily needs but those moments that I most dream of. I want to walk in the park and feed the birds and sit on the bench and share a hot dog with you. I want to drive down the back roads till we find a perfect field and lay side by side and watch the clouds go by. I want to see your eyes when the first snow falls and your heart in the rise of the morning sun. I want to run as fast I can and trip so that you catch me. I want to stay in yours arms till the moment is branded in my mind.

Magic is to hear the laughter meld together and feel the love overflow from the heart.

To live is to open the gate to the nearest dream and step through.

Monday, August 27, 2007

September Events

I will be adding Events throughout the week check back often.Thank You

Universal Life healing Center September 15th
Universal Life Healing Center 405 sixth street Irwin, Pa 15642 for more Information call 724 864-8814 .Come on out for a unique day in getting in touch with your inner self. I will have a wonderful display of poetry and prose as well as the bookDear Kimblake, It's not always black and white sometimes we have to add a little color. An inspirational look at life through love and friendship.I'll also have a wide range of oils that will compliment your aromatherapy and medicincal regimen.Time from 9 am to 3 pm. Right in the art of IrwinScheduled events include, readings by local mediums, bake goods , door prizes, add this event to your annual outings and come out for a unique experience.

West Newton Community Festival Sept 7th , 8 th and 9 th
A step back in time is this community event, fun for the whole family , good food, Made in the U.S.A arts and crafts and music and talent for allwalks of life. If you haven't come out to enjoy the season now is the time.West Newton Pennsylvania for that old home town feeling.September 7 th , 8th and 9thhours as followed 4 to 11pm friday and 10 to 11 saturday and sunday.Of course I'll be there with a great new display of poetry , prose and signing books.They guarantee the best ribs on this side of the monghalea river and I guarantee that there will be someting for everyone.

Labor United Celebration September 2nd and 3rd
Wow! The summer season is coming to an end, but we are still excited at the prospect of Autumn. With it comes a wide range of events and I will try to list as I organize.Labor day I will be at Northmoreland Park in Westmoreland Pennsylvania. Come out and enjoy in the Labor United Celebration. A wide range of events will be held from great music, to childrens activities, rides and of course the arts and crafts festival. Always a huge turn out so come early and spend the day or spend the weekend enjoying the scenic hills of Pennsylvania.Event hours are from 11:00 am to 7 :pm sunday and labor day mondayFor Directions and events schedules check out the site,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am fascinated by my own emotions and that which triggers a calm and a excitement on the same platform. This unique mixture of desire and dreams with a hint of magic and a large douse of love creates an unsual display that steps through the heart taking hold of the soul and pleasuring in a togetherness beyond the mountains. Settling on a cloud of romance the energy creates a blend of the heavens and the earth and forms a mystery in the making , a view of our own paradise.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mel Carter - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me

Meet you on clouds where I will forever remain in your arms.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just another day

Like a chameleon changing colors to camouflage in with its surroundings, I could feel the negative energy alter the peace of my inner space. I knew as I walked into the shopping mall with its many stores closed that the event would be less then prosperous. The anchor store for the shopping mall was a Walmart. The Walmart built a new shopping plaza and with it went many of the chain stores, leaving behind those that were teetering to survive and others who found themselves still caught up in a long term lease.
A view of capitalism at its best, as we stopped in at the new shopping plaza, there was a buzz from the long lines and the acceptance from the college scene. No matter how one looks at it, the success of a super store lay in the hands of American middle class. No adventure is successful without the willing buyers, for they can build up or take down a business.
There are many behind the scene reasons a new location is built over remodeling an existing location. It is at times less expensive to build new then to remodel, and with the creating of new highways, another location might now become more attractive.
The news over the week was filled with destruction many that were at the hands of nature. Volcano's, floods, mine explosions and to many to mention. Desperation called for the prayers of the loss souls. Yet daily the number of unimaginable deaths to do man on man incidences go with out notice. Heavy are the woes of the world, for on the grand stage of life they go with out much fanfare or recognition.
I realized how negative energy can be so controlling, as each vendor packed early to cut their financial loss, they carried out with them luggage filled with stress, negativity and anger. One gentlemen asked for me to hold on and stay awhile.Smiling I agreed, it became time where a few of us shared in past experiences, made friends and expressed personal opinions on everything from politics to personal issues.
I remember my very first event, first question that everyone asked what if you don't make enough money? I said then as I said today it's not about the money made today, but a broader knowledge that comes with the experiences of life. I absorbed much of my surroundings today. The veteran professionals who have tweaked their business, to the first time vendors who were hoping for a successful event. There is always another lesson in life if your heart and mind remain open. As the events before this day, faces will meld together to form a collage that will mark the event in my mind. Unfortunately this event was a mix of the optimist and the pessimist view of life. I felt the on stage emotions that fought for center attention.
Releasing the weeks negativity, I am blowing in the wind. I found myself
fighting my own invisible battles, over walls built of the unknown. Tightening the guide ropes of the ship, I hope to lead myself in
a positive direction. The beauty is in waking up each morning, feeling the wind against my face, remembering the joy of laughter and the magic of smiles created from a distance.

I shall not walk in your shadow of dismay, in fear that you shall not follow in my steps of courage. Obstacles only remain when the doors to the mind are locked.

To believe is not a path for fools ,as it leads to a bridge that is anchored by faith.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You

nothing is gonna change my love for you

I can't say it enough, I can't imagine a life without you in it... I think about my life and every now and then I get these tears, I don't think they are of sadness but a joy how fortunate I am and how wonderful it feels to have you in my life... It must be love.... 10, 16 , 21 or 100 nothing is gonna chagne my love for you.

Rescue Me - Fontella Bass

Singing> Rescue me

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Music and Arts Festival

Avalon Music and Arts Festival

Author Rachel Charlotte Miller's next book signing will be August 10 -12 at Avalon Fest '07 Music and Arts Festival in Paw Paw, West Virginia.
Autumn’s Boutique will be selling separate pieces of poetry from Author Rachel Charlotte Miller’s collection of works, as well as the full line of their lotions and lingerie. Click here to see more of the Rachel Charlotte Miller Collection. There are unique gifts for all occasions at
And also look for our skin care line of organic and herbal products, grown in the hills of Pa and carefully selected to create a high quality product that is a beautiful treatment for the skin.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The river.....

Life in Donora

Settling down, in my mind I reviewed the last few festival days. Friday and Saturday were so hot that you begged for shade and Sunday ended the festival with a non stop rain.
My thoughts on the community was one that was stagnant, it was like a stroll through the past. No mass employment in the area, the community faces what so many before them have faced. Poverty,drugs and those struggling to get out and still more satisfied in the only world they know.
I saw people on a level that I had not witnessed in a long time, it reminded of the plight that low income neighborhoods fight on a daily basis.
Many of the people eager for conversation shared their thoughts and celebrated in the joining of neighbors. There were a few who hungered for the arts and appreciated the display of poetry and pictures. I had done what I promised the Lord I would reach out to people in all walks of life.
I saw many of the same problems I myself faced, many young mothers without drivers licenses and education struggling to raise their children.
It isn't possible to survive on a minimum wage job and even worse to raise a family on it. I see so many caught up in the system, with very few doors for them to open.
It was not a weekend of all gloom, I sensed in them a happy people who
warmly welcomed me into their community. Just as any festival there are a few people that sear a permanent picture in your mind. The few that stuck with me were for completely different reasons. The one couple was so happy and warm together that it was refreshing to converse with them, to the complete opposite, a couple where I felt an extreme control of one partner over the other. Then one young women, she was twenty one years old and over coming her disability or at least living despite it.
She read outloud the words in my book, I like that she said, I like it allot, for her she saw the words of inspiration. As she read the notation I made in the book for her she smiled, talked of her boyfriend and her own personal struggles.
I knew that I had been in hiding for many a years, some of it do to circumstances and others maybe to my own time of healing. The place wI chose to call home for twelve years was and isolation from the community at large. The rural area can do that to you, the trees dance in the wind as you wake to the symphony of birds and animals that greet you with the joy of life. It was as if the world and the people in it were locked away beyond the trees of the mountains.
The weekend gave me a greater appreciation for life.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


My mind is scattered, mixed thoughts, I have the feeling of standing at the bottom of the mountain and just again starting the climb. On the way I see many accomplishments and the struggles that weigh a person down.... I am not normally as excited before an event as I am today.
I am not sure why I am as restless. I have been trying to separate personal issues from the day at hand, to not be overwhelmed .
Looking at the last few weeks of accomplishments I see the bringing together of new products and the reintroduction of my skincare line in a new label, the attempt at updating the web store, and also the introduction of poetry in various mediums. What started as fragments of my being and my desire for many things such as love and financial independence , have been muddied by the darkness of another's thoughts and actions.
It is so hot this morning and yet I feel a chill. Many things cross my mind, previous conversations and some how a reanalysis of what is. Trying to battle down my own inner fears and rise above.

The smallest light shines brightest
on the darkness night