Monday, January 28, 2008

Arts and crafts and trade shows.

We are scheduling our 2008 events and are preparing for an exciting year. We will attend some old favorites that have become regulars on the schedule and we are looking forward to attending a few new events. A partial list will be posted in February, we are looking into art festivals and trade shows and one of my favorites the American Pow wow's where you get a back to earth experience with wondereful people and great food and one of the most beautiful displays of cultural music and dance.
If you can't be there at the events this year look for our products online at and . We enjoy spending time creating unique items for your gift giving needs.

Friday, January 25, 2008


A string of stars embrace the night sky,
a song of sorrow sings to the soul.
A shelf of memories gather dust
rainbows, shadows and marigolds.
Gently held your memory,
tucked it in my heart.
Kissed you in a dream,
on a northern star.
Whispered your name in the
dark of night, heard it echo
back to me from the morning
Danced each morning in your
warm embrace,surreal as could
be, until you began to fade.
Laughs, cries, smiles, denies.
A heart woven of embroidered lace
stitches the many dreams of one soul.
Why such emptiness and darkness whispered the wind to surrounding mountain of trees? Why do your branches weep with the heaviness of a loss of a thousand multiplied by three? We heard it in the morning her heart silent as the day but becoming louder as the waves of an early storm hits against the rocks at sea. We saw it in her face as the smile began to fade and all that remained were the tears of yesterday. We felt it in the loss of her free spirited soul, as it remained entrapped by dark and dreary days of old.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Love is...

I don' t believe love can conform to the walls of reality and the visuals of fantasy without first reviewing the essential ingredients. The assumption of what is acceptable is unexplainable beyond the realms in a spiritual sense. Love can be attained by defining through a synopsis of life. In a quick summary love is time without limitation, place without structure and emotions without a predestined cap. Finely blended with an equal balance of trust and respect love is that which pulls at the heart to teach the soul to soar depths incomparable by any measure.
Love is neither a game nor a need, it is in consive terms that which needs no forgiveness nor feels no ache for it is our being that walks in the shadow of desire.