Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Out of the mouth of babes...I had a few years back encouraged my daughter to read various writers work including poets. As we informally discussed what she was reading and her interpretation, she said " their work is just words on paper and yours flows with emotion" She was nine years old at the time. I said do not ever say you like something because I wrote it. "She said I am only saying what is the truth."
Interpretation, I realized how widely interpreted the words could be, depending on a persons culture, societal positioning and of course experience or lack of it. Traveling through out the North East, I found that really very little divided us as emotional beings, other then our own personal response to the trials of life.
The experiences that feed on emotion are not about the consumption of life, but more like the processing of it. Each day we wake with the ability to reinvent the moment.We in turn become proactive in our positioning in life rather then a parasite that just leeches on, always taking without giving in return.
Denial an unconscious survival mechanism? It is possible that we deny our emotions, because we are taught that it weakens us. I was told by a friend years back, " it is perfectly alright to accept our inner emotions, but not to allow them control over us."
A sensitivity to joy and sadness, love and hate, gives a certain view of life that is overlooked by many. Life is simplicity and only complicated by man.
I fell in love with a lie, felt my heart live and die, soar above the stars, just to dance in your arms.


bEAST said...

The inner emotion thing - I would have to agree with you and disagree with your friend. No one taught me such a thing, as in emotions weaken us, but I guess it is something I learnt by myself. I think we are afraid of expressing our inner emotions because they are not practical and at times illogical in our materialistic world. These emotions are pure and if evaluated, stupid. We have learnt to lie, to hate, to be clever and dishonest. These inner emotions would somehow make you a different person than all this and thus compromising our survival. If one was to let the inner emotions take control of oneself, then the world would be rid of one sinner!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you for your very in depth response to emotion. You bring a few valid points one- to completely give into our inner emotions would make us different people and perhaps vulnerable to the world we exist in, whether it be the materialism that breeds greed or the lack of a shield to protect ourselves against the harshness of the outside world. The second point- that to allow positive emotion to take control would rid the world of a sinner. In doing so we take responsibility for ourself, for our own thought process, but the question remains, Do we put ourself in a unnecessary vulnerability? Broken hearts, etc I
believe if we do not put to much expectation on love and its moving of emotion and accept it in its most pure form, we will find that it flourishes from inside to raise us above any negativity.
It is why the old adage has survived " you are the company you keep" from positive flows positive.