Saturday, July 21, 2007

Each arts festival brings with it a new faces, new challenges and a bit of excitement. I woke up at 4:30 and for the first time I sit here prepared and extra early. I hadn't done many last minute things and I have already gone through the different phases of preparation... I never realized how important it is to like what you see in the mirror. It's not about the physical as much as it is about liking your inner self. You hear allot of jokes about inner beauty,but there is allot more to it then people realize.
Each event brings with it new stories, some I see the intermingling of issues that we all meet up with at one time or another in our lives. So common are the stories, that only the cast changes.
I found the pedestal of brass horses unattached and laying on my desk. Disappointed it wasn't something I wanted to rid my desk of , so I had them repaired. The soldering that holds them together makes then stand strong , more so then the were originally. I looked at them and it made me think of personalities and how respect and trust builds a stronger bond to hold us up through times of difficulty.
The picture I posted of clouds is interpreted in many ways.The person who sent it to me saw a " heart " and I saw in it a "demon" My response was that the interpretation was extremely different because they "lived with love and I lived with fear. "
Fear to me is nothing more then the pre-examination of a set of consequences. Sometimes the predetermination prevents us or slows the process of growth. When your a small child your taught not to go near a city street as a car might not see you and be able to stop in time. From toddler years on we are taught what we shouldn't do to provide a safer
environment. A certain measure of fear gives us food for thought a period of time to reason. Though if we stand still to long we miss opportunity. There is a very small window of time for which we are responsible to make a choice. If fear be the guide, would we ever get to the other side of the street or would our overly cautious attitude keep us at the edge always guessing when would be the right opportunity? Little lessons from childhood that show up later in life.Here we stand in the middle of our life with choices , how we react, the timing all are crucial
in our development.

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