Monday, June 25, 2007

Woodland Pow Wow

The first steps to a successful weekend is having beautiful weather, and that we did. Watching the Native Americans celebrate in life, was a warm and earthy experience. Their respect for that which is widely neglected by people in the world at large. I would not call it simplicity, yet a common ground for what is right and wrong and a bases of gratitude for nature, not much different then many of us who love to garden, respect that the sun has risen and that a new day has begun.

Holding on to their heritage and educating the next generation to the beauty of their dance and music with their obvious love for that all exist. As I spoke with them,I saw the similarities in our plight, they are a large part of the American Culture, one that is many times over looked. I also viewed that as people our needs are very much the same and the issues with which we have to deal with on a daily basis are there. We get up in the morning , we have to provide for our families, discipline our children and deal with the many issues that arise in living life.

Though my highlight of the weekend was watching the children play, my daughter said I made the best of friends, better then people I have known my whole life. I believe the similarity in our beliefs, the down to earth and basic morality or a common bond, allowed the children to be just that children and run and play and grow. Though as I watched the children enjoying and forming a bond of friendship, I realized that there was so much we could learn from children. They come into the world pure and innocent without the grave prejudice that separates cultures, hearts and people. The beauty and the future rest with the children of the world. It is adults whose ignorance and fear that lead us as people down the path of grudges and negativity. Marten Luther King, whose is well known for his speech " I have a dream" . Knew the future rest in educating the next generation. I do believe the world can someday sit on the same podium of respect and love and care for one another with the beauty of diversity. Look unto the children for their eyes see no color, look unto the children for their hearts are pure, look unto to children for they are our future leaders.

When the media stops separating and dividing people and realizes the strong tool of hatred they have become, the weapon of the words that carries grudges and evils of the past and makes them current issues that remain alive, then and only then will people as a whole break down the barriers that have remained for so many years.The news, radio, tv, internet, movies , plays etc., should be held to a responsiblity to all people. When a man is as seen as a man,both good and bad, and not as rich or poor, black or white, Irish or Japanese, but as a man, then we will have broken down one brick in the wall of ignorance. For even a child knows we all take one step at a time, when learning to walk.

Enough of this rambling.... Saturday was fun, I signed books and met some wonderful people. I heard stories of the loss of lives, to heartbreak and many who have overcome their own personal hells. Each individual sucess stories were a inner view of the struggle and the varied emotions we express.
One woman asked where I was from, she said I would have thought you were from somewhere special. You look like someone special... special hun!, aren't we all, as we are Pieces of the grandest puzzle..... Mother Earth.

My gratitude goes out to those at the pow wow who made us feel welcomed and for allowing us to share in their moment in the sun


bEAST said...

You truly leave me without words here. Somehow I have always believed that we were all born as innocent children. The mind is pure as children. But as we progress in life towards adulthood, it gets adulterated. Everyday I see more and more of myself change. I wish I could stop it!

Rachel C Miller said...

Thank you for taking the time to read. You have already made a step to stop what as adults we confront. Admitting that our minds are somehow altered by experience and the visuals that the media pushes on us, is indeed a step in the right direction. Your heart is warmer then you believe.. for I am touched by your response... again Thank you.

Cuckoo said...

Hi, came here from Beast's blog.

And I echo Beast's views here.

We are at our best when we are kids. While growing, everything around us tries to push us out of that world and very easily we succumb to it !!

Rachel C Miller said...

Well thank you for your visit and your righ,t we are very much like the caterpillar and then we find ourself in a cocoon and it is at this time we are forced into the world to allow our wings to open and see all the good and all the bad that exist.