Sunday, June 10, 2007


WoW! I Made it through the Saturday event. It was a plant your feet on the ground kind of community affair. A touch with the world of reality around us. The stories that people shared a view into their personal demons.
I was amused by this one teenager with his mother, he said to her" Do you know her? his mother replied no! He said, " then why are you telling her all that?" As they walked away he looked back at me and smiled and said" bye Rachel. "
Ah! the people you meet. I have to say in the various cultural settings there is a big difference between country poor and city poor. As one of the vendors joked with me and said "ask a man in the rural area, your woman or your gun? and the response take my old lady but leave my guns alone. "
Many differences in the people, the stories they tell, heartache, survival and ongoing saga's. But one similarity is that all the emotions that people feel no matter what class of people are the same... love, hate, happiness,sadness all exist at different levels at different times of ones life.
A woman beside me spoke of her many plastic surgeries and said she was going for one more a face lift. I said I don't think you need it beauty comes from with in, you have to look deep inside yourself to see it.
Then I smiled as a 80 yr old woman bought love lotion and rose petals for her bed and was anxiously waiting to share it with her male friend.
The difference in the two women was that the elder woman was living and loving life.... her beauty flowed outward from the deepest part of her soul, her spirit filled with love and joy! Other women shuttered at the thought and she smiled and the glow from within was released.Aging beautifully she was every last wrinkle was blessed wth the magic of life.

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