Monday, April 6, 2015

Four months into 2015

Another season and I find myself unprepared. Unfortunately the Ramp Festival was canceled for Spring 2015 so hopefully I will see everyone at the Frontier Festival in August.
The years have gone so fast that looking back feels like yesterday. I have tried to make sense of this journey, as they say " there is a moral to every story" I know that I have met many people and learned that everyone has a few hurdles to jump. But what is the meaning of our time on earth? Well for everyone it is a bit different. I hear people all the time say " If I could do it over again". Well we can't and I guess we all experience happiness and sadness.
I have made my share of choices and not also were they so great but I took a chance. On life, love and in the process stumbled, cried and dusted myself back off.

This season finds me in some of the usual places Boalsburg , the market and also some local events. I have never felt so alone on the journey as I do now. The children have grown and at times the motivational factor has teetered. Sometimes I don't know why I am here. That is when my customer calls and talks, orders and reminds me that we all are here on this quickly passing, unique to us journey.

Sharing with the heart,
touching with the soul.

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