Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Googlebot

Lately I have noticed that you have been stopping by more often. At first it was only for a few minutes, but lately your visits have increased. It crossed my mind that you are my number one visitor and I was hoping your increased time on the blogs meant that my form of entertainment was reaching out to robots as well....one can only hope.
Well as I look back on why I began to write, I laughed as I have become charmed by your robotic visits that doing nothing but gather my useless information and make it available all across the webisphere. In a unique way my poetry will find itself forever in time. Just think who might actually enjoy,download and save a few words gathered and placed in a rare combination.
When you realize that there is a world of lonely people and that is where the science fiction type movies come to mind. Some day, sooner than we think, robots will become companions. In a bizarre way that is already happening. Just think of all the blogs and websites that never get read by the human eye, but are scanned by the amazing eye of technology.
So dear googlebot consider this a thank you for staying a few extra minutes on the blog scanning the pages and placing them in the directory of the magical world of the internet. When it is all said and done people will realize that no one is ever alone for we are all a form of energy interconnecting, until the energy source dies out. For what it is worth, glad you find my blogs to be news worthy, entertainment ready and giving to them a lasting space in time on the coolest web search called google.

The lost poet


Matt said...

Hilarious and also wonderful post. I googled "googlebot my number one visitor" and your post came up. Because as I look over my site... I have many returning visitors, but none match the 600 visits I've received from Googlebot in just over a month. And that's not counting the other Googlebots that come across my site every so often.

Rachel C Miller said...

lmao thanks

ankit kapor said...

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