Monday, March 3, 2008

Have Faith

I have to say that over the years I have done what I thought was right. Master at sweeping the negativity under the carpet. It was just easier to smooth a rocky path then to stumble and fall and then have to worry about how to get up. Unfortunately I remained distant from myself, losing bit my bit a dimension of my inner being. It wasn't the cliche or old adage" of finding oneself" it became more about accepting oneself, defending oneself, believing in one self and loving oneself. Many times I believed the hollow contained trees that were the barriers to the outside world, when I later realized that the barriers are only set in place by our own weakness, our self made limitations. Today's preview of spring wakened something inside, like a removal of winters curtain. I felt the renewal encourage life, bringing faith and hope to the forefront.
It took years to erode away at independence and it is taking years to mend and instill confidence to achieve at the highest levels of success. No particular measurement can be placed on the road to success, but when all becomes clear and the path is not filled with indecisiveness then I will find the enlightment of strength that creates the ultimate in freedom.

Fear builds walls, faith takes them down.
When I think of all the gifts I have been given, my personal satisfaction is in the gift to write. To see love brings such beauty, to touch love reaches deep in my heart, to share love exudes from my soul the warmth of a thousand suns. Alone the words are wonderful, together with your love they are magnifcent.

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