Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Gratitude

Looking foward to the 2008 events and the sounds and smells of spring. A schedule will be posted the later part of February. Will update frequently as engagements are secured.
There are times that you wish you knew what tomorrow will bring and then not. It could possibly be partly the season and the dark days of winter. I look ahead to the possibilities and all that we are capable of performing in the months ahead.

I cannot move ahead without giving my gratitude for all those who have made it possible for me to continue on with the endeavors of reaching out and meeting and enjoying the many new faces. Though one person has remained loyal, filled with compassion and encouragement and though I would love to shout his praise, I think it is better that he just know I am thankful and appreciate and hope that I can fill his expectations of me. At times I am flustered to what direction this journey is taking and why. It started on many levels, capability, love, survival and has reached even further then expected. At first it was about my own existence and leaving behind a message, some would say a legacy. I had thought that there were many avenues I could have taken, but I chose love or was it love that chose me?

On my so called journey I met with many people, each revealed personal stories, triumps, losses, illness, heartbreak. It became evident to me, the titles of the stories different and a wide range of characters but the movement was in the emotions stirred. There were only so many emotions and they bring us together as human beings. I wanted to touch mostly on those that encouraged good thoughts and love, but I found more then enough times poeple wanted words that helped to over come a time of grief.

Sometimes the hills of Greene celebrate so in silence and other times it echo's loudly, I can't explain the unsettlingness of it all. I do know that life and the simplest moments are magnificent when shared. For without the love of another it all would be empty and cold. An embrace that holds close both day and night energizes the spirit to encourage the soul to strive for more as it reaches beyond barriers set by both time and space.

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