Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When the silence settles in , a haunting soon begins and in the darkness of the night my mind travels to a place where only warmth and kindess enters in.Come close and let me feel you , come on and jump on in my heart and lay here next to me to share this pillow till we are awakened by the morning light.
If you listen to all the tales that everyone has to tell you'd fall into pool of sadness where only hopelessness dwells. Don't fret about the gray skies, the journey long and mountains high, but I am most fortunate I have you by myside. I'd walk a flaming river, I'd calm a raging storm, I'd sing you gently to sleep, I'd make every moment more special then before. All I ask is that each
night before you close your eyes, you gaze into the starry midnight sky. When the twinkle is all that you can see,pick the largest of them all just for you and me. Here is where the sun shines twenty four hours a day, bright and wonderful to warm us from the coldest months of winter to a summer like day in May. Sending stardust to blanket you tonight with magical kisses to to say to you good night.
I am ok... if your ok.

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